The Tenth Anniversary of All-Russian Research Conference
Dubna, 7 - 11 October 2008
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ROMIP Seminar 2008

Session 1 (Chairman P. Braslavsky)

ROMIP 2008 Evaluation:Rules, Methodology and Adhoc Decisions
M. Nekrestyanova, I. Nekrestyanov

Results and prospects of Exactus search algorithm
I.V. Smirnov,I.V. Sochenkov,V.V. Muraviev,I.A. Tikhomirov

HeadHunter at ROMIP-2008
A. Safronov

 Yandex algorithms of contextual annotation at ROMIP 2008
A. Brodskiy, R. Kovalev, M. Lebedev, D. Leshchiner, P. Sushin


Session 2 (Chairman M. Ageev)

UIS RUSSIA at ROMIP 2008: Ad Hoc Search and Text Categorization of Legal Documents
M.S. Ageev, B.V. Dobrov, N.V. Loukachevitch, S.V. Shternov

 RCO on ROMIP 2008
V.V. Pleshko, P.Yu. Polyakov

 Modernization of calculation centroid in algorithm CMU
A.V. Vechur, E.B. Suyargulova

Galaktika-Zoom at ROMIP'2008
A. Antonov, S. Baglei

SSSleuth at RIRES-2008
S. Kryloff


Session 2 (Chairman D. Lande)

 KM.RU at RIRES-2008. Parameter optimization
S. Tatevosyan, N. Bryzgalova

Mail.Ru at ROMIP 2008: Near duplicate image detection
Y. Kisel'

 SPbGU at ROMIP'2008. Fusing Color and Texture Features in Content-Based Image Retrieval
N. Vassilieva, I. Markov

 Pseudometric Approach to Content Based Image Retrieval and Near Duplicates Detection
A. Goncharov, A. Melnichenko

Round table discussion (Anchorman Dobrov B.V.)